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No such thing as “I`m Just Looking”

Every day within an optometric practice, various kinds of individuals walk into the practice. Their reasons for doing so vary from one person to another.

The team needs to know how to identify the difference between the type of people that walk into the practice and how to communicate with each of them


“Preparation Reflects Expectations”

First Time Visitor

They fall into the following categories

Follow Up Visitor

Process Outline

First time visitor:

  • Questionnaire and answer chart on what to expect


  • What eye test involves

  • What outcomes to expect

  • What solutions will be implemented

Complaints with current management process

  • Develop clear and specific guidelines on how the store handles such matters and ensure prompt action is implemented

Worthwhile Experience

This centers around the following key areas:

Clean Store

  • No compromise on this, store needs to be CLEANED EVERYDAY

  • If you don`t have someone employed to clean the store, set up a rotation roster with the team on who is responsible for the day`s cleaning, especially equipment in the test room and frames

Team Sharpness

  • The Attitude of the team determines the Atmosphere of the practice

  • The Atmosphere of the store determines the Altitude of the business

  • What the leader puts into the people determines what the people put into the business and this leads to what the business produces

Quotations Outline

  • Have readily available quotation outlines for the different products that you can easily access and print out from the computer

  • Having a team member sit behind computer to type the quotation or right on a piece of paper is not efficient at all

Benefit checks

  • As best as possible before the appointment (Get the details from the consumer beforehand)

  • Worst case scenario is during the examination

  • Close shop if you only doing it after the examination or worse once the consumer has left the store. Confirm the benefits and close the deal before the consumer leaves.

Time frames

  • Under promise and Over deliver

  • Never create an expectation that you can`t ensure delivery on

  • Never wait for a consumer to call or ask about the whereabouts of their spectacles or contact details

Remember the following important points:

  1. It`s not about the beauty of your practice but actually the overall experience a consumer has.

  2. It`s not about the affordable products and services you render but the visual solutions to their problems.

  3. It`s not about your promotions and specials but rather the value they get from your business.

  4. It`s not about your expertise but rather how you make them feel.

Know WHY your business exists, you will then start to find it much easier handling any type of encounter you get from the consumer.

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