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Visionstryt Academy

Visionstryt Academy, the most advanced learning platform for the healthcare industry across the globe, for all things business.

Why the academy?

Visionstryt conducted research across a wide range of professions within the healthcare industry and this is what we discovered:

The academic and clinical components of the various professions are well taught; enough learning time is provided for them and there is endless content available. However, it is only when students get to their final years of studying when they get introduced to a brief overview of the business component of their profession. Many professionals tend to actually learn more about business when they only start working, by then, it is too late.

The majority of business leaders wear the three caps (i.e. Technical; Managerial and Entrepreneurial) simultaneously and struggle to either raise up better leaders or delegate as their businesses grow. This results in the business becoming too dependent on them to survive let alone thrive.

There isn’t a centralized platform within the healthcare industry that equips professionals with various business skills they also need in order to excel as business owners but most importantly as leaders of people.

The business landscape for the majority of industries has changed over the last few years and what worked for business to excel before is to a large extent no longer relevant. Many business owners now need help navigating through all of that.

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