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Visionstryt has published various books for the Optometry Industry


Visionstryt`s Business Guide for Optometrists book was created as a value added service for the Optometry Industry. We wanted to create a practical guideline tool that both Optometrists and their employees can both use within the practices to build, develop and grow their businesses.

We know this book will enable you to relook at different ways and opportunities of taking your business to the level through:


  • Investing in your employees and enabling them to become the very best they can be

  • Understanding that vision and leadership are fundamental necessities that your business cannot function without

  • Realizing that excellent service delivery forms the foundational basis of consistent profitable sales and growth for your business.


Visionstryt`s Practical Guide for Optometric Staff was written to equip and train Optometric Staff to become catalysts and key role players within the businesses they work in.

We have developed a ready – to use toolkit for staff to use on a daily basis that will serve as a guide to the following:


  • Standard operating procedures manual for the practice

  • Excellence implementation and management

  • Strategy guide on service delivery, sales as well as consumer management

  • Mastering dispensing

  • Product and service provider finder

  • Organizational transformation and development

  • Professional skills development

Visionstryt wants to see every staff member adding significant value to their working environments and this book serves as a guide to achieving that goal.


Visionstryt`s Practical Guide to Anterior Segment Conditions.

The book is intended as an easy to use guide to managing anterior segment conditions in optometric practice.

It is the first book of its kind that includes all the following:


  • Essential facts for diagnosing and managing these conditions more effectively.

  • Hands on clinical pearls obtained from years of experience.

  • Predominant use of real life in practice pictures and not the generic textbook type ones that no patient presents with.

  • Treatment protocols for both South Africa and America drug availabilities. This should cover a wide range of drugs that all countries and professionals would be able to utilize it in their day to day practice.

  • Active ingredients as well as trade names for drugs.

  • Comprehensive dosing schedule and duration of treatment needed.

  • Specially designed graphs and icons which make for a user friendly experience.

  • Drug contra-indications and follow up schedules.

  • An overall personal touch and style which is relatable and easy to understand.

  • First time topics such as an in-depth Dry Eye Disease (DED) management and Onchocerciasis. 

Visionstryt specialises in the following value adding services for your business.

Content development (i.e. social media, branding, marketing and sales)

Monthly publications (i.e. newsletters, articles, journals, blogs, and much more that your business needs)

Book development (i.e. writing, design, layout, production and printing)

Visionstryt`s Marketing Guide for the Eyecare Industry

The internet has opened multiple opportunities to reach niche consumers directly with targeted information that costs a fraction of what big – budget traditional advertising costs. With the many platforms of communication the internet hosts, it has enabled delivery of a wide array of useful content at the precise moment a consumer needs it.


This book is the first of its kind for the Eyecare Industry when it comes to marketing strategies as it is:

  • Fun and interactive to work through it yourself

  • Practical and easy to implement the marketing strategies outlined

  • A step by step process for ensuring you have a comprehensive marketing plan for your business

  • Focused on different components for your business that involve marketing

  • Taking into consideration the different types of practices that exist and what marketing solution best suits it

  • Innovative in how it approaches the various marketing concepts relevant for your business

  • Written to transform your entire business and take it to the next level of excellence and revenue growth

You cannot afford to not have this book in your business.

VS Marketing book cover-mockup.jpg

Visionstryt`s Strategic Guide for Optometrists Book

Visionstryt`s Strategic Guide for Optometrists is basically a detailed solution driven guideline that should be implemented by businesses that want to grow to the highest possible level of excellence, revenue growth and transformation.


It is a book that you will struggle to put down as it has been written in the form of a workbook that provides you with strategies your business desperately needs.




What got your business this far will certainly not get it to the next level.

The attitude of “We have always done it this way” will not work.


You urgently need to unlearn old ways of doing things and then relearn new ways of doing things.


Information is fast and easily accessible, however it also changes very quickly. So if you don’t stay up to date with the latest of what is going on, you will get left behind. This is what this book is all about, getting your business to the next level.

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