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Business Amplifier in 12 Months

Taking your business to the next level

Our Business Amplifier 12 (BA12) is a 12 month program that Visionstryt implements in your business. The bespoke program runs for a period of 12 months broken into 4 cycles, each running for 90 days to amplify your business to the level of significance it can and should be on. Each cycle is tailored according to your practice needs with adequate support throughout the process.

Why amplify your business?

A bespoke strategic program

Your business could be doing very well at the current moment, but it can always do far better. There may still be a number of areas within your business that need attention, and that is where the Visionstryt Business Amplifier (BA 12) comes in.

We do an initial practice assessment to establish what your business requirements and needs are. Therefore we provide you with a 12 months year planner that we will work on to amplify your business.


Initial Call

A Visionstryt Expert will give you a phone call to explain the Business Amplifier program and set up the 1st appointment.


A detailed questionnaire will be sent to you for completion. The answers you provide will provide us with information as to where your business is, where you want it to be and all other information we deem necessary to get started.

Action Day

Visionstryt Experts will come to spend time in your practice to collect all other information we need to structure a specific customized action plan for your practice that will ensure you achieve the required outcome from the amplifier.

Assessment Analytics for a Tailored Plan

Visionstryt will assess all the information gathered & develop a tailored plan for your business. We do take into account the current economic climate, pricing structures & processes within the practice, products sold by the practice, demographics & location in order to produce the right plan for your business.


Plan Discussion

After 14 working days Visionstryt will discuss the bespoke plan with you in detail including what commitment will be required from you and your team as a whole once the journey to significance begins.


Team Participation & Training

A Visionstryt Expert will then spend time with your team to get they buy-in as well as this is crucial to the success of the program. The role each of them will play will be outlined which will be the 1st step towards creating a company culture.

Results & Feedback

By now the 1st 90 days have been completed and you will get a clearer picture as to where the business is exactly and what the way forward is for the remainder of the program.

Optimization of Amplifier

A more detailed hard hitting approach is then started whereby we deal with the uncomfortable truths about your business.


New Cycle

The next 90 days then starts once the 1st 90 days is complete and all parties involved sign off on it.

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