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Terms and Conditions

Once you sign up to Visionstryt, we cover you with our End User License Agreement.


All our prices include VAT at the current rate.


If you are unhappy with your experience with Visionstryt, we provide you with a full, money back guarantee as follows:

Full Money Back Guarantee 


Visionstryt is fully confident that our Hub and its 2 Key Amplifiers will help accelerate your business to the next level, moving it from success to significance. 

For the platform to work to its full effect, you need to sign up and commit to either one or a combination of them:


  • Visionstryt Hub, which runs for exactly 12 months.

  • Business Amplifier 12 (BA12), which runs for exactly 12 months.

  • 90 Day Activator (90 DA), which runs for exactly 90 days.


Each Amplifier must run for the full duration of the program for your practice to be fully covered. If after using either one of the Amplifiers you are not satisfied, simply get in touch with us and we will refund you fully.

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