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Eyefrica Kodak Precise PB Lens Jan 2021.

Why does Visionstryt recommend the KODAK Easy Lens?


KODAK Easy Lens is designed specifically for easy



The lens is created with frame versatility in mind, too. 

You’re able to choose any size frame you like, including the smart, shallower styles, without

sacrificing clear vision.




What makes the Kodak CleAR Lens such a wonderful lens for your visual requirements?




It is because with this lens High performance and

great looks come together.


Anti-reflective lens coatings not only improve the visual appearance of spectacles, but enhance the optics too. 

An uncoated lens will reflect

approximately 10% of light – Less light and more reflections result in poor vision. 



Lenses reduces reflections, repels water and smudges thus improving the overall quality of your vision.


There is just something about the Kodak Precise PB lens that brings out your personality to life.

Interesting Facts about Kodak Lenses that Visionstryt loves:


KODAK BluProtect Lenses are designed to filter out unwanted blue light rays and allow light wavelengths that help regulate a healthy sleep cycle to pass through. 


They’re designed to efficiently manage light and make viewing over longer periods of time more comfortable, whilst increasing visual contrast. 


Objects are better defined, leaving you with clearer and sharper vision, and hopefully a great night’s sleep.

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