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Why You Should Book Ob For Your Next Event

Do you have an upcoming company event and need a Keynote Speaker?

  • Ob guarantees you one thing: An array of information that can be practically implemented within your business on a daily basis.

  • Your audience will be provided with cutting edge content that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Do you have a business seminar and require a guest speaker?

  • Ob`s practical examples in discussions and personal touch of challenging the status quo will leave your audience with riveting and thought provoking strategies they can apply.

  • Innovative solutions for business practice is his area of expertise.

Do you have a conference coming up and need world class speakers?

  • Ob adds significant value when it comes to sales, strategy and leadership. His presentation skills are on another level of excellence and execution.

  • He has extensive experience has he has been speaking at various conferences across the continent.

Whatever your speaker requirement or need is, OB Malope is your go-to-guy for facilitation and execution.

Ob is qualified Optometrist from University of Free State, with vast experience working as an optometry consultant over a 9 year period with more than 220 practices.

His key business topics of interest can be group together under the following subjects:

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Development and Enhancement

  • Leadership and Professional Development

  • Strategic Advisory

  • Sales and Marketing Management

For more details on our extensive work over the past year or so please download our full profile

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