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Building capacity for your Optometric Practice

What got your business this far will certainly not get it to the next level.

The attitude of “We have always done it this way” will not work.

You urgently need to unlearn old ways of doing things and then relearn new ways of doing things.

Information is fast and easily accessible, however it also changes very quickly. So if you don’t stay up to date with the latest of what is going on, you will get left behind.

For years now we have seen Optometric practices make the fatal mistake of thinking or approaching their business as follows:

  • Customers don’t use the internet to get what they need.

  • Social media is not necessary for your business.

  • Websites can simply be basic and not ecommerce based.

  • Not getting trained together with your team on marketing and media as a whole.

  • Being consumer centric is overrated and so decide to keep doing what you have always done.

  • You don’t need to reposition and redefine your value proposition whilst at the same time adapting your business model.

To navigate through these trying challenges we have all experienced throughout 2020 and build capacity for our businesses to keep growing and thriving, there are three main focus areas to consider.


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