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How can strong leadership transform your Optometric Practice?

Strong Optometric Leadership Leads to Strong Optometric Institutions.

The entire Optometric industry as a whole is currently faced with the following challenges:

  • Deregulation threats from corporates and individuals that want to own optometric practices and turn them to solely retail institutions.

  • Innovation and technological advances that makes it easier for consumers to access eye care products directly from the manufacturers or suppliers and not the optometry institutions themselves.

  • Disruptive technology

  • Outdated policy frameworks

  • Unemployment affecting millions of people resulting in limited access to visual care.

  • Increased costs to products and service offerings.

  • The “death” of the independent practitioner due to big corporate merger and acquisitions taking place.

  • Government, organizations, institutions and associations that have different methodologies and strategies as to how to correct visual problems that exist.

  • Individuals in leadership positions that put their own interests above those of the people they lead.

  • Lack of involvement from the optometry fraternity on matters of importance regarding eye health and care.


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